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BLOG » TWOC: Psychedelics and ADHD
Explore the intriguing connection between psychedelics and ADHD. Discover the potential therapeutic benefits, scientific research, and personal experiences surrounding the use of psychedelics for managing ADHD symptoms. Learn more about microdosing, treatment alternatives, and the revolutionary potential of psychedelic substances. Delve into the safety considerations and ongoing studies in this fascinating field.
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TWOC: Psychedelics and ADHD

July 24, 2023
Disclaimer: The information in this article is not an endorsement or recommendation of the use of psychedelics. Depending on where you live, many psychedelics and other psychoactive substances are illegal and it is up to you to do your research. I always suggest working with a licensed professional in your area to ensure that you are obeying the laws of your jurisdiction.

I am not a licensed medical or licensed mental health professional. Nothing said on this website is meant to be medical, mental health, or legal advice. I do not promote or advocate any illegal activity. Content on this website is meant to be informative and for education and harm reduction only.

For more information, please review the terms and conditions of using this website. 

Join me this week at "Awakening From Within" as we embark on a fascinating exploration of the intersection between Psychedelics and ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). We'll dive deep into the science and research surrounding the potential use of psychedelics for ADHD treatment.

Here's what you can expect:

Session 1: How psychedelics impact ADHD
Date: Tuesday, July 25th
Time: 9:30 am Pacific

During this session, I will be sharing in-depth insights into the current research on the connection between psychedelics and ADHD. We'll explore the neurobiological basis of ADHD and investigate how psychedelics could potentially modify these pathways to alleviate symptoms. It's an opportunity to challenge your preconceptions and gain a deeper understanding of this cutting-edge area of study.

Session 2: Can you use psychedelics to manage ADHD?
Date: Wednesday, July 26th
Time: 1:00 pm Pacific

In our second session, we'll create a safe space for community-building. You'll have the chance to hear personal stories and experiences from individuals living with ADHD. We'll discuss how they navigate daily life and the role psychedelics play in their journey whether it's through microdosing protocols or going on a hero journey. It's a supportive environment where you can share your own experiences, learn from others, and discover new strategies to manage ADHD symptoms.

Whether you're personally affected by ADHD, a mental health professional, or simply curious about the interplay between psychedelics and ADHD, these sessions are designed to enlighten and inspire. Join us in Awakening From Within as we unpack the complexities of Psychedelics & ADHD.

Looking forward to having you participate and engage in these insightful discussions.

Links to each of the sessions below.

If you can't join live, the replays will be available.

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Research, Resources, and References

Tuesday: How psychedelics impact ADHD
Let's talk about what psychedelics do in the brain and their impact on dopamine and ADHD
Wednesday: Can you use psychedelics to manage ADHD?
Community building discussion on what's working and if you need help with something
Using Psychedelics in the Bedroom
Short explanation of the 7 main brain networks and the impact of psychedelics on them
Stress Response Map
Visual representation of the stress response map
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A free masterclass I gave a little while back

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