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Quantum Sexuality begins in: 
If you're ready to feel confident, connected, and sexy AF
Stop fighting against your neurobiology and learn how to work with it instead!
If you're tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, undervalued, or at your breaking point and you're ready to put yourself first for once and start living a life full of immense pleasure, then join Quantum Sexuality.

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Is your life full of pain or pleasure?

Have you every asked yourself any of these questions?
  • Why am I dry?
  • Why does it take me longer to orgasm than it used to?
  • Why do I always need to use a vibrator?
  • Why is it so hard to tell my partner what I want?
  • Why don't I find my partner sexy anymore?
  • Why don't I feel sexy anymore?
  • Why can't I squirt?
  • Why can't I have a vaginal orgasm?
  • Why can't I have multiple orgasms?
  • Where did my libido go?
  • Why can't I get out of my head?
  • Why is it so hard for me to put myself first?
The thing that ALL of these questions have in common is that they are all symptoms of being disconnected from yourself which stems from having unresolved stress and unhealed trauma.

Feeling depleted and reaching your breaking point? 
That's unresolved stress!

You see, when we experience stress over and over again, our nervous system gets overwhelmed and shuts down to protect us. We learn to shove our emotions down, ignore the pain, and push through because that's what we're taught is strong.

The pain doesn't go away, it just gets pushed into the shadows of your subconscious where it manifests as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, irritability, anger, and a whole host of other problems.

You might not even realize how much your stress has impacted you because it feels normal to you. When you brain starts the process of disconnection, there isn't a switch that gets turned on and POOF you're disconnected. It's such a slow process that you don't even realize it is happening. You have no way of knowing because it's your new normal.

Trauma is built up Stress
and it can cause havoc on your body.

I know this first hand.

In 2020, I got two back to back health diagnoses: a mass in my breast and cervical dysplasia. Like many others, 2020 was a rough year but it was more than that. I hadn't truly dealt with a lot of issues from my past including some sexual trauma, major abandonment issues, and a disorganized attachment style. I knew it was time for me to take my own medicine. And I did.

I was finally putting myself first. I was finally making pleasure a priority and it felt amazing! I was reclaiming my power and taking control of my life.

And the best part was, I was enjoying healing my trauma!

You see, our bodies are designed to heal themselves. When we feel pleasure, our nervous system begins to regulate and function at its best. This is how we heal. This is how I healed.

The cells on my cervix healed. The mass in my breast decreased. My mind felt manageable so I went off my ADHD meds. I lost weight. I feel sexy. More confident. But more importantly, I have more patience with my kids, I feel more joy in daily living, and I've experienced more pleasure than I even knew was possible.

Now I want others to feel connected, confident, and sexy by learning how to heal their trauma.

Healing may not be easy, but it doesn't have to be hard either.

Knowledge will not heal your nervous system. Developing the skills that work with your neurobiology is what regulates your nervous system and helps your body function at its best. And what better way to do it than with pleasure?

It has taken me decades to figure out how all the pieces work together. And it was only once I truly understood how our neurobiology directs our behavior that everything started clicking into place.

Depending on the state of your neurobiology, some of the BEST tricks won't work!!!

BUT when you know why, what, when, and how to do all the things, your nervous system relaxes and stress and anxiety begin to melt away. And one of the best tools that anyone can use is their own sexual energy!

Introducing Quantum Sexuality

Quantum Sexuality is the crash course full of all the information, practices and tools you need to upgrade your sexuality and create a life of more pleasure, connection, and intimacy. This program provides step-by-step coaching and education specifically designed to guide you through the process of healing, stopping negative self talk, and transmuting energy by harnessing your neurobiology so that you can handle all of life's ups and downs with self-compassion and experience true pleasure and satisfaction in your life.

One of the things that sets Quantum Sexuality apart is that it's not just about sex. It's about so much more! It's about claiming your power, setting boundaries, communicating effectively, and creating safety within yourself. It's about understanding how your brain works and using that knowledge to work FOR you instead of against you.

"It was because of the pleasure class that I took with you."
Here's what you'll learn:
Self Partnership
Learn how to identify your feelings and get your needs met
I have yet to meet someone that wasn't raised by a flawed human. Most of us never learn how to be with our emotions. Most kids are punished when they act out of control instead of having caregivers show them how to be with their emotions, identify what they're feeling, figure out what they want to feel instead, and how to get support. Instead most kids are sent to their room, yelled at, told they are the reason their caregiver is yelling, or worse, physically punished for having their emotions. Kids then learn to either ignore their feelings, be scared of their feelings, or blame others for their feelings. You will learn the skills to create a foundation of safety for yourself.
Understand your neurobiology so you can start changing it
Most people are told that they have a chemical imbalance or a problem with a part of their body. They are given a medication that alters the chemicals in the brain or masks the pain signals their body is giving them. What doctors don't teach us is that our neurochemistry and our physical body is actually based on what is happening in the nervous system, not the other way around. Your symptoms and your biology are a reflection of what is going on in your nervous system. You will learn how your body works, how to regulate and soothe your nervous system for optimum health.
Rewire your brain for lifelong change
Our subconscious programming dictates our behavior and keeps us stuck in negative self talk. This programming is based on our past experiences. It's a brilliant self preservation mechanism that often leaves us with codependent behaviors or struggling with low self-esteem. When you are unprepared to handle the negative thought patterns that arise when you release trauma that is stored in your body, you can easily spiral out of control and end up anxious, depressed, or re-traumatized. You will learn how to rewire your thought patterns based on how brains create new neural pathways and how neural pathways are strengthened without unintentionally retraumatizing yourself.
You're an energetic being, it's time you know how to harness and move energy
You will learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and learn how to trust yourself so that you can live an authentically aligned life. You will learn the about the connection between the throat and cervix and how it impacts your life. You will learn energetic practices to release the energy of others that you are carrying around especially if you have experienced toxic relationships. You will learn how to tap into an unlimited source of energy that can support you and energize you each and every day and help you heal generational trauma.
Process and release emotions that are stuck in your body
Emotions are temporary unless they get trapped in your body. Each week of the program, you will learn a simple embodiment exercise to help you in the process of releasing stuck energy. In addition, you will also learn specific exercises to really move and release stuck energy out of your body so that you can process and release emotions in a healthy way.
Pleasure Practices
Sexual energy is the most powerful force in the Universe
You will learn how to harness your sexual energy so that you can create the life, relationships, and work that you desire. You will learn specific practices to move sexual energy through your body and how to use the power of orgasms to help your body and mind heal while integrating your spirit and inner wisdom. It is truly magical when you learn how to use the power that is within your being.
12 Weekly Zoom 90 minute sessions
2 Options:
Tuesdays at 10:30 am Pacific, beginning October 18
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm Pacific, beginning October 19
You can attend either or both sessions. 
All sessions are recorded and available to watch on replay if you can't attend
Complimentary online course portal
Most Savings
Pay In Full
Most Flexible
Payment Plan
6 payments of $300

Quantum Sexuality is Closed


Bonus 1
Exclusive Yoni Love course including Yoni Dearmouring
Get access to instructional videos on how to release trauma stored in your yoni using your hands or a dildo, how to release energy using yoni eggs, and a special chakra cleansing video to show you how to clear energy from each of your chakras.
Value: $450
Bonus 2
Journaling Framework
A simple and easy to follow journaling framework that can help you change your thoughts and behaviors. It was developed using neuroscience to give you the exact steps to take in order to reprogram your subconscious mind. With this journaling framework, you'll be able to make permanent changes in your life and achieve your goals.
Value: $175
Bonus 3
Exclusive Interviews
You will have access to exclusive interviews from 20 experts to help you on your journey of self-discovery and healing including:
  • Balancing Hormones to increase Sexual Desire - Dr. Jordin Wiggins
  • Eating for your Cycle - Le'Nise Brothers
  • Uterine Disorders and their link to sexuality and root healing - Maggie Flood
  • And more
Value: $380
"How simple it was, your instruction. And yet how impactful, ginormously breakthroughish it was for me."

Hey, I'm Wendy, your coach.

After years of working with people to help them experience pleasure in the bedroom, it became clear how stress and trauma have been holding people back from experiencing pleasure in the bedroom and out. Most people are disconnected from their body sensations due to overwhelming stress but they don't know it!

I created Quantum Sexuality to teach women how to deeply connect with themselves and others not just on a physical level but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by using neuroscience backed methods and energetic practices to make big transformative shifts as quickly as possible. You can biohack your nervous system to experience immense pleasure. Ready to learn how?

Frequently Asked Questions:
What if I can't show up for the Zoom sessions? Should I still join?

Yes! This program is designed to be done by yourself at your own pace but because many of my clients have ADHD, I am having live sessions since it is often easier for them to have a scheduled time to show up and stay accountable.

How long until the recordings are available online?

I do my best to get them up and ready within a couple hours but I'm a busy mom of two boys and sometimes life just doesn't allow for that to happen. I do send emails to everyone as soon as they are available so you don't have to keep checking to see if they're ready.

Still have questions?

Send me a message and let me know what's holding you back. I'm not all about making money. I truly want people to learn the skills so they can heal their trauma and experience pleasure. If you are hesitant because of a certain issue, let's talk and I'll be honest about whether or not my program is a good fit for you.

Contact me

Join Quantum Sexuality and get ready to live a life of pleasure

What you get:
12 Weekly Zoom 90 minute sessions
2 Options:
Tuesdays at 10:30 am Pacific, beginning October 18
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm Pacific, beginning October 19
You can attend either or both sessions. 
All sessions are recorded and available to watch on replay if you can't attend
Value: $9,000
Access to the Quantum Sexuality online course
Value: $1,250
The Yoni Love course
Value: $450
The Journaling Framework
Value: $175
Exclusive Interviews
Value: $380
Life changing skills that you will use for the rest of your life
Value: Priceless
Most Savings
Pay In Full
Most Flexible
Payment Plan
6 payments of $300

Quantum Sexuality is Closed

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