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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only offer packages for coaching?

Coaching is not the same thing as educating. I do provide sex education in my coaching sessions as needed, but coaching is about helping a person achieve specific outcomes. The majority of my clients come to me wanting to learn how to orgasm. While a large part of that is education and learning the mechanics of how to orgasm, the feelings and other issues that come up once someone does learn how to orgasm is why I only offer packages.

Over and over, I’ve seen how women who experience orgasms for the first time after years of trying and feeling inadequate develop new concerns and feelings. Due to the nature of orgasms, the flood of emotions and physical responses are often very confusing. They usually do not have any or very limited experience dealing with these issues.

That is where the coaching packages come in. I help women navigate these new emotions and experiences.

My packages do not require you to use the sessions weekly. Many clients use a few sessions in the same week at the beginning or do a double session until they experience their first orgasm. Then they skip a few weeks or months after they begin orgasming. But then other concerns come up and they have a built in support system to address the new issues that arise.

Why are you so inexpensive?

While I could charge significantly more for my services and limit my offerings, I feel like everyone deserves to have the knowledge and opportunity to this information. By offering different solutions and packages at all kinds of price points, it allows many more people to be able to get the tools and techniques they need to own their sexuality and be the sensual beings they were designed to be.

Why are you so expensive?

I have invested thousands of hours in training, education, and field work. Just like other professionals in other industries, I have spent a tremendous amount of resources becoming the sex coach and specialist I am today. Just think about how much time and money it would take for you to learn everything that I offer. I’m guessing you’re now realizing what a good deal I am!

What can I expect before a session?

Before our very first session, I will send you over a few documents:

  • A client intake form - The intake form is a questionnaire with questions that are specific to the type of coaching/desired outcome that you want. For example, a couple looking to improve their skill set will get different questions than a woman that has never had an orgasm.
  • A standard client agreement form - The agreement states my rates, explains that coaching is not therapy, cancellation policy… you know, all the typical things in a client/coach contract.

What is your Refund Policy?

At this time, there is a no refund policy for all of the programs. This is in place, because I can not guarantee or vouch for the actions you take and the results you receive from them.

Change is scary for a lot of people. My programs require you to really dig in and do the work required to change. What I can guarantee is that I am going to make your success my priority.

It’s important to say that I do give refunds in cases of medical emergencies (with doctor’s note) and extreme financial hardships such as floods, fires, and more.

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