2 Hour Masterclass

Biohack Your ADHD Naturally

Learn how to increase your dopamine levels so that you can get clear headed, reduce anxiety, and stop negative self talk 
Value: $550
Biohack Adhd Naturally


Imagine grabbing your prescription bottle and instead of looking at it like it's a life line to sanity, you put it down because you now know how to get your mind to the same, calm, clear state.

If you're tired of worrying about whether or not the side effects of your medication are doing more harm in the longer run.
If you're ready to give up being stressed as a way of life.
If you're tired of breaking promises to yourself and you're ready to finally make your self care a priority.
If you're sick and tired of running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

AND you are ready to know how to manage your ADHD symptoms without medication...

Biohack Your ADHD Naturally!
Biohack Adhd Naturally


I'm sure you have doubts, I know I did.

If doctors don't know how, how could it be possible?
It's easy for other people but not for you.
You've tried every productivity hack and method why would this be different?
How could a self-pleasure practice affect dopamine levels?
What you'll learn:
What dopamine is and why it's important
Neurobiology of stress, pain, and pleasure and the role dopamine plays
The neurobiology of healing & creating new habits
The 5 S's to increase dopamine levels
4 Simple practices that you can start doing immediately to increase dopamine production
Access to exercises to help integrate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself in a way that will increase dopamine!
Practices are available in the online platform so you can come back to them whenever you need.
Watch the Masterclass Replay
Upon enrollment, you will have access to the "Biohack Your ADHD Naturally" course where you can watch the replay whenever you want. 
Value: $550
Biohack Adhd Naturally


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