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Yoni Dearmouring

We all store trauma in our bodies, and for many of us, that trauma is stored in our pelvic floor and yoni (Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb space). When we don't release that trauma, it can lead to all sorts of problems - from pain during sex to difficulty orgasming.

That's where Yoni Dearmouring comes in. Yoni Dearmouring is an online course that shows you how to do self-yoni massage to release stored trauma in your yoni, fascia and pelvic floor.

Yoni Dearmouring is the perfect way to show your yoni some much needed love.

• Release stored trauma and feel more pleasure than ever before
• Connect with your body and sexuality in a deeply healing way
• Gently and lovingly massage your yoni to release old wounds


Note: this is the cervical wand that I personally use. Link to cervical wand on Amazon

Looking for some deeper coaching with yoni dearmouring? Book a session

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