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Embodied Womanhood

Ever felt like you were too much?

Do you often feel out of control with your emotions, as if they're too intense for you or others to handle? Experience a transformative journey that reconnects you with your emotional equilibrium and innate power.

Embodied Womanhood
Beginning October 24

This Program is For You If:

  • You often feel emotionally out of control, like you're on a rollercoaster
  • You want to cultivate relationships where you can show up authentically
  • You're ready to take control and start your journey towards emotional freedom

Through somatic practices tailored to your unique emotional patterns, you'll break free from anxiety and uncertainty.

This compassionate, judgement-free community will empower you to:

  • Discharge stuck emotional energy through customized movement
  • Rewire unhelpful mental loops exacerbating anxiety
  • Cultivate emotional safety to explore your authentic self
  • Create connections embracing your emotional richness

Program Details

  • Start Date: Tuesday, October 24 at 12:30 pm.
  • Duration: Set aside about 90 minutes for comprehensive sessions that last approximately 75 minutes.
  • Platform: Engage live via Zoom. All sessions are recorded for flexible viewing.

Special Bonuses:

  • Lifetime access to all session recordings.
  • Opportunity to procure the Yoni Dearmouring course for only $25, a massive discount from its usual $69.

Regain Your Emotional Agency Now


Invest in yourself and your emotional freedom

Are you ready to regain emotional agency, nurture meaningful relationships, and unearth your authentic self?

$300 pay in full


$325 with Yoni Dearmouring

Customer Spotlight:

Participating in Wendy's program has really connected me back to myself and it has taught me what I need. More than anything it brings me back to feeling at ease with myself, and I do think it connects me back to my feminine energy and power.
- Edith, Los Angeles, CA

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