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In-Person Event Terms and Conditions


  • By attending an in person event, you agree to accept responsibility for your personal health and conduct and waive, release and discharge the hosts from any liability
  • All attendees must be 21 years or older.
  • Consent before any interaction and respect for the space of your fellow members is always required.
  • Your hosts have full discretion to police the event as they see fit.
  • Misbehavior can jeopardize any future attendance at events.
  • "I didn't know" is NOT an excuse
  • Our events are non-judgmental, safe places to explore


All attendees must be 21 years or older as many of our events have champagne or other alcoholic beverages.

You are responsible for your health and well-being. Many of our demos and interactive instructions may require your body to move or be restricted. It is your responsibility to disclose anything that might inhibit your movement or cause injury.

By agreeing to the In-Person Event Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to accept responsibility for your personal health and waive, release, and discharge the hosts from liability.

If you harass, pressure, or dishonor someone's feelings and boundaries you may be either asked to leave immediately or correct your behavior. Judgement on the course of action is up to the host(s) and is non-negotiable. If you are asked to leave it is solely for the purpose of creating a safe environment for everyone. We understand that shitty things happen, we can get triggered sometimes, we are human, and humans make mistakes. However, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to behave in a respectful, consensual manner at all times.


Consent is given freely. Consent is not pressuring, coerced, and gaslighting. No means no. Maybe means no. Only a yes means yes.

Different people have different levels of comfortability with touch. Attending an event does NOT mean that they consent to being touched without permission. This includes rubbing someone's shoulder and touching their lower back. Always ask for permission before touching.

Consenting once does not mean consenting to everything. Each interaction begins anew. If someone consents to an interaction with you, that does not mean you have carte blanche to do whatever you want going forward. If you have had previous encounters with someone, it does not mean that you have permission this time.

We are all humans and sometimes it is difficult for humans to express themselves and communicate their needs. Our events are designed to help people foster and learn communication skills but not everyone will have the same level of practice. So this bears repeating... "No" means no. "Maybe" means no. Only a "yes" or "Hell Yah" means yes.

If anyone ever harasses you, bugs you, pressures you, or makes you feel uncomfortable please communicate your needs to them directly. If the behavior is not corrected or you are unsure of how to communicate your needs, please let the host(s) know what is happening so they can step in and rectify the situation. We ALWAYS believe you. Your feelings are valid and your boundaries should always be respected.


Any and all genders and relational dynamics are welcomed and not judged.

We do not tolerate racist, sexist, ableist, ageist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, or body shaming comments and behavior. Microaggressions and subtle prejudices can be called out. Any behavior that is noticed and asked to be corrected is not meant to harm but meant to teach and provide a container of safety for everyone involved.

Sex Education

Coaching and Teaching sessions

Our events are sensual and provide sexual education. However, no sex acts are permitted during coaching and teaching sessions. Exposing your genitals is not permitted at any time. No penetration. No fondling or groping of genitals directly or indirectly (over clothes). Clothing must cover genitals at all times.

Sensual touch does NOT include touching of the genitals with or without clothes. Sensual touch is NOT massage.

Lifestyle Parties

Some events are both education & lifestyle. During the coaching & educational part of the events, you are required to adhere to the sex education and workshop guidelines.

Please see below for information during the optional lifestyle after party.

Covid-19 Policies

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of cold, flu, or any other contagious illness. Please respect the health of everyone regardless of how much you've been looking forward to the event.

All attendees are encouraged to be fully vaccinated. Please only attend if you are okay with being in a group of people indoors, regardless of their personal health choices or decisions to wear masks. It's your body. You have full autonomy of your body and your decisions.

We will always adhere to the rules and regulations of the city we are in. That means if masks are required, then masks are required. If being vaccinated is required, then being vaccinated is required. No exceptions.

Optional Lifestyle After Parties

Some events may include an optional after party. This part is not mandatory. We often want to open up the experience, when the location allows for it, to connect with some of the other open, like-minded people to explore, practice skills, and have fun in a safe, consensual space.

The rules of Responsibility and Consent apply even more so during the after parties.

"No" means no. "Maybe" means not now so don't ask again, don't try to convince.

Only a "yes" or preferably a "Hell Yah" means yes.

IF you attend an after party, Consent is not optional.


There are no refunds unless there is some uncontrollable force that requires us to cancel the event. You will not receive a refund if you request one.

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