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If you haven't read the In-Person Event Rules and the In-Person Event Terms and Conditions yet, I recommend you do so you get an idea of what Owning Your O Events are all about.

There won't only be BDSM Play Intensive events, there will be other kinds of events including:

  • Aphrodite (for bisexual & bi-curious women),
  • Ascension (safe, consensual lifestyle parties),
  • BDSM (coaching, training, education, and opportunity to practice),
  • Eros (parties geared for newbies to learn and get comfortable in a low pressure environment),
  • Priestess (women only - sensual but not a lifestyle party),
  • Pegasus (Pegging and strap-ons)
  • and weekend retreats!
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Please keep images Instagram appropriate. So no nudes or 🍆pics even though I personally don't mind them, not following the rules will not get your application approved. 😉

Contact and verification

Details of events are emailed out to all approved attendees, however, if there is an emergency of some sort, a phone number is requested so that we can text or call if necessary.

(This will never be disclosed to others)
Don't be surprised if you get a follow request, especially if your profile is set to private.
Please include the full link of your preferred social media profile.


All submissions are confidential and reviewed by me or other event hosts for the purpose of helping curate the events.

If you could have anything happen at a party or event, what would it be? Share as many fantasies as you want.


  • By attending an in person event, you agree to accept responsibility for your personal health and conduct and waive, release and discharge the hosts from any liability. 
  • All attendees must be 21 years or older.
  • Consent before any interaction and respect for the space of your fellow members is always required.
  • Your hosts have full discretion to police the event as they see fit.
  • Misbehavior can jeopardize any future attendance at events.
  • "I didn't know" is NOT an excuse
  • Our events are non-judgmental, safe places to explore.
  • "Vegas Rules" - What happens at events, stays at events
  • Be a kind person.
  • Obey any laws. 
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