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Yoni Energy Clearing

Wednesdays at 5 pm Pacific
January 18 - February 8

*Meetings will be held on Zoom and recorded if you cannot attend live

We are all energetic beings. We exchange and communicate with each other and our world through energy. The way our society is, we all get energy stuck in our bodies... sometimes the energy is our own, sometimes that energy belongs to others, and sometimes we pass through energy that was meant for others and we pick it up. When we carry this excess energy, we often feel blocked, as if something is holding us back.

This feeling of being weighed down leaves us depleted and disconnected from our authentic selves.  We feel overwhelmed by the immense amount of energy we carry from past traumas and the energy of others. We may even be carrying around the emotions of others which leads us to feel unsure how to feel, and confusion about how to even get started. We doubt ourselves. We gaslight ourselves. We may even begin to feel a little crazy.

You could go to an energy healer (and chances are you already have before) but the problem with going to someone else is that you become dependent on someone else for your healing. And for my empathic people out there, you are going to continue to pick up the energy of others... you were designed that way. Rather than having to book session after session, it's time to learn how to do this work yourself.

Anyone can learn to move the energy in their body.

During this 4 week course you are going to learn how to:

  • learn techniques to clear old energetic blocks
  • open up the channels of communication between the physical body and subtle energies
  • gain confidence in your ability to heal yourself
  • move stagnant energy within your yoni (these technique can be used throughout the rest of your body, too!)

Value: $750


  • Upon enrollment, you will also have access to the yoni dearmouring online course.

Early Bird Specials:

$250 until 12/25

$275 until 1/15

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