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This week we'll be discussing support during journeys. Uncover the science of regulating your nervous system in psychedelic journeys and learn to create safe spaces for transformative experiences.
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TWOC: Journey Support

May 22, 2023
Disclaimer: The information in this article is not an endorsement or recommendation of the use of psychedelics. Depending on where you live, many psychedelics and other psychoactive substances are illegal and it is up to you to do your research. I always suggest working with a licensed professional in your area to ensure that you are obeying the laws of your jurisdiction.

I am not a licensed medical or licensed mental health professional. Nothing said on this website is meant to be medical, mental health, or legal advice. I do not promote or advocate any illegal activity. Content on this website is meant to be informative and for education and harm reduction only.

For more information, please review the terms and conditions of using this website. 

Get ready for two thought-provoking discussions that delve into the realm of psychedelics and the importance of creating safe and supportive environments for transformative experiences.

On Tuesday, join us as we uncover the profound impact of psychedelics on the nervous system. We will explore how these powerful substances interact with our neural pathways and affect our physiology. Understanding the impact of psychedelics on the nervous system is crucial for individuals guiding others in psychedelic journey spaces.

On Wednesday, we will dive into the best practices, tips, and tricks that anyone wishing to go into or support someone in a journey space. Our conversation will revolve around empowering ourselves with valuable insights and strategies for the preparation, journey, and integration process. By sharing collective wisdom and experiences, we can foster environments where the journey doesn't end with the trip but continues in a holistic and transformative way.

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Research, Resources, and References

Regulating Your Nervous System in Psychedelic Journey Spaces
Link to Tuesday's conversation on Clubhouse
Creating Safe Journey Spaces
Link to Wednesday's conversation on Clubhouse
Using Psychedelics in the Bedroom
Explains the 7 main brain networks

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Wendy is a trauma-informed orgasm and neuro-pleasure coach that specializes in biohacking the nervous system to increase pleasure. A self-proclaimed "nerd" with ADHD, Wendy has mastered the art of hyper focusing to learn about the human body and how the different systems work together. She believes that everyone deserves to experience maximum pleasure and orgasmic bliss, and she works tirelessly to help people achieve this goal.

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