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BLOG » The Cervix: Your Gateway to Sexual Pleasure, Connection & Healing
The cervix is often seen as a mystery, an enigma. It is the gateway to sexual pleasure, connection and healing for many women, but it is also ignored and misunderstood. This little-known part of our bodies can hold so much power and potential for growth and transformation. It can be a portal for intense sexual pleasure and healing.
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The Cervix: Your Gateway to Sexual Pleasure, Connection & Healing

March 21, 2022

What is the cervix?

It is the passageway from the vagina (the outside world) to the uterus (the inner self). The cervix is a small, cylindrical organ made of quickly regenerating cells located at the lowermost part of the uterus, and accessible through the back of the vagina. Imagine a small ball with a tiny hole going through it.


There are 3 pairs of nerves going to the cervix: pelvic, hypogastric, and vagus nerve. For such a small organ, it is one of the mostly highly innervated organs in the body. Often overlooked, the cervix does a lot. For example, it opens and closes to allow sperm to pass through and supports a growing fetus by keeping the opening of the uterus closed. With multiple functions, there needs to be nerves to allow it to do it's job.

If a female is cycling, the cervix changes structure, shape, and positioning depending on where they are in the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, the cervix softens (almost blending in with the tissue of the uterus), releases thin cervical fluid to allow sperm to pass through easily, rises high up (usually so high or deep that a finger cannot touch it), and opens. If you are able to touch it, it feels soft like wet lips. After ovulation, it closes up and begins to harden. The cervical fluid thickens to trap and prevent bacteria from entering the uterus. During menstruation, the cervix shifts into a lower position, and the hole opens up once again to allow the passage of blood. If you were to touch it, it would feel much like a rubber ball or the tip of your nose.

The cervix has a direct line to the other passageway in the body... the throat. Connected through the vagus nerve, the cervix tightens and relaxes as the throat tightens and relaxes.

Spiritual role of the cervix

Besides it literally being the portal for the passage of life, it is at the root of the body and is the energetic location of the root chakra. The root chakra is our base and foundation. It holds the energy of security, safety, and your place in society.

Whenever there is uncertainty of security (physical or financial), uncertainty about your place in society (career, relationships, marriage, family) and feelings of being unsafe, the energy created by your body from the act of being stressed flows down to the cervix (or the perineum in males). This energy is stored in the cervix (and also other womb structures) until it is released.

However, most females never learn practices to release the energy stored in their cervix. Stored energy in the cells changes the DNA within the cells. These changes can lead to improper cellular replication. Without a strong immune system to clear the incorrectly replicated cells, the cells can proliferate leading to cancer and other medical conditions.

The energy of the cervix

Whether you still have your cervix or it has been removed (hysterectomy or partial hysterectomy), it is important to move the energy that flows their during times of stress. There are four types of energies that flow to the cervix and can be trapped within the cervix:

  1. Mental - The nervous system utilizes bioelectrical energy. Developing practices that regulate your nervous system will help move stored bioelectrical energy out of the cervix.
  2. Emotional - The fascia (the connected web like structure that covers every organ and muscle in your body) utilizes mechanical energy for movement but the energy that is stored is electromagnetic. Somatic and movement practices will help move the stored electromagnetic energy out of the cervix. This electromagnetic field is in a toroidal shape emanating from your heart.
  3. Physical - The cells utilize chemical energy. Supporting your body with proper nutrition, water, sunlight, and breath will help the cells use chemical energy sufficiently to be able to replicate healthy cells instead of damaged cells. The DNA of the cells repairs itself when exposed to certain kinds of energies. In particular, the two most studied and thus "proven" forms of electromagnetic energy that alter DNA is sound energy and light energy. Currently, the light therapies (photodynamic therapy or PDT) for cervical cell repair are only at the clinical trial phases. But sound therapy, such as a sound bath, is readily available in most areas. There is also lots of research into how using your own voice to create sound is healing. If you are familiar with different yoga modalities, then that may not come as a surprise to you since ancient yoga practices have included using your voice for centuries.
  4. Spiritual - Each human has a toroidal field of energy that encompasses their body called the biofield. It is an energy system that connects the physical, mental, and emotional fields. While scientists cannot explain this field, they can observe it. The way to create a flow of energy through this field is through connection to your heart and decalcifying and activating your pineal gland. The pineal gland is the master endocrine gland (your hormones) and it is connected to the face and throat. With a tight cervix, the throat will be tight and impact the function of the pineal gland.

How can the cervix be a tool for healing wounding and trauma?

Understanding the important role that cervix plays in a females well-being is the first step. If you've read the book "The Body Keeps the Score" or "Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma," then you're aware of how the body holds our trauma. Now that you understand the different energies of the cervix and the spiritual role of the cervix, you can see how the cervix holds much of the energy of the traumas we experience.

Yoni dearmouring is a practice that releases stored energy from the cervix, vagina, and pelvic floor. It is a very powerful practice because of how much energy can be released. Learning how to support yourself when you do ANY kind of energy release is imperative.

Each time energy is released, there is a paired memory (or multiple memories) that are tied to that energy. As humans, we are constantly trying to making meaning of events that take place (it's part of our innate survival skills). When memories resurface, our default survival pattern is to try and make sense of them.

When you release energy and have memories resurface it can be confusing, very emotional, and often overwhelming. Your brain will be searching for meaning and trying to make sense of what is happening. Without support, it can feel insurmountable to get through, especially if you have had a lot of stressful events in your life and you haven't been releasing the built up energy. Notice I said stressful events and not traumatic events. Many people do not realize that repeated stress without release causes the same sorts of problems in the body as big, traumatic events.

With support and guidance from an experienced facilitator, practices that help you connect to your yoni and release energy will create an opportunity to release the energy stored in your cervix. Once your cervix begins to release energy, your body will have new pathways opened up to experience pleasure.

How to have a cervical orgasm

Yes, it is possible to have an orgasm through the cervix. If you're like I was when I first learned about a cervical orgasm, often called a cervical kiss, then you're probably there is no way that it's possible. All of my past experiences of sex and my cervix involved pain. The thought of anything touching my cervix would make me cringe.

When you touch a muscle that has been overworked, never massaged, and ignored, it's going to be painful. Your cervix is the same.

If the only time your cervix has been "touched" has been via a pap smear, a biopsy, a LEEP, or a thrusting eager penis, then it is going to be tight and guarded. Your body is smart. It knows how to protect yourself.

Just like the rest of your body that learns how to relax during a massage, your cervix can relax, too. Because your cervix is highly innervated it can experience pain and numbness, but also immense pleasure. Cervical orgasms are different from clitoral orgasms because they utilize different nerves. The experience is a deeper sensation (meaning that the feelings originate deeper in your body as compared to the clitoris which is at the surface of your body).

Cervical orgasms can only be achieved through penetration since the cervix is located inside the vagina. Whereas, a clitoral orgasm can even be achieved with your clothes on. Both are amazing. Neither orgasm is better than the other but of course, different people will prefer one over the other. Of course, if you can create a situation with a blended orgasm (more than one orgasm at the same time) by combining clitoral and cervical, let's just say that it is truly an out-of-body experience!

You may be eager to go in and start stimulating the cervix but that's not how it works. In order to have a cervical orgasm, you must first connect to your cervix, release stored energy, awaken any numbness, and create a container of safety within yourself to allow the pleasure to come through. Each of these steps must be taken. Some people find the process quick and easy while others take longer. With practice, cervix owners can experience a cervical orgasm. Even people that have had their cervix removed can experience deep orgasms

By understanding the energies of the cervix and learning how to support yourself through energy releases, you can access previously unknown levels of pleasure and connection. It is possible to have a cervical orgasm, but first you must connect with your cervix and release any stored energy. With the right support, you can open up a whole new world of sexual experience.

Curious about how to connect with your cervix and deepen your sexual experiences? Check out my program "Quantum Sexuality" where I guide women through the process of deep healing and taking ownership of their pleasure.

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Wendy is a trauma-informed orgasm and neuro-pleasure coach that specializes in biohacking the nervous system to increase pleasure. A self-proclaimed "nerd" with ADHD, Wendy has mastered the art of hyper focusing to learn about the human body and how the different systems work together. She believes that everyone deserves to experience maximum pleasure and orgasmic bliss, and she works tirelessly to help people achieve this goal.

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